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TUESDAY, December 1, 2015.

Academic Senate Meeting


Community Time (with snacks) begins at 2pm

At 2pm Wes Coooper and John Gormley will be making presentations on Water Conservation on Campus and Deferred Maintenance. These have VERY GOOD information for all campus members.

At 1:30pm Dr. Michael Soltys & Dr. Ivona Grzegorcyzk will be discussing and answering questions on the upcoming Mechatronics (Computer Engineering) program.

LOCATION for FALL 2015:: 1908 Smith in the MVS Decision Making Center

Agenda Overview and Links to Materials

All materials for the December 1st meeting--the last of the semester-- can be accessed through the following link:

We have two items under "Continuing Business" on our agenda that will be second reading items and up for a vote.

The first is the Policy on Responsible Conduct of Research that is also under review in the President's Policy and Planning Council. This policy will keep us in compliance with funding agencies that require training on research ethics. The document is presented in track-changes format based on feedback from the first reading.

The second policy is the Academic Master Plan 16-17. This is the document that is sent to the Chancellor's Office (CO) by the President each year that details our current and proposed degrees and implementation dates. Track changes is required by the CO which is why the document is presented in this format. As a reminder, this is an external document and different from the grid that has been presented to senate in years past as our "Academic Master Plan". There is a task force working on our Academic Planning Process that will eventually include internal planning documents as well.

There is one 'New Business' item on our agenda as a first reading item.

The General Education Committee (GE) is offering a policy on the "Golden Four" to keep us in compliance with a recent Executive Order (EO) from the Chancellor's Office. The "Golden Four" are the GE categories of: Oral Communication, English Writing, Critical Thinking, and Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning. The (EO) sets forth a minimum grade of C for these GE classes.

Announcements and Upcoming Events

Center for Integrative Studies

CIS will host monthly coffees in the Chive Courtyard behind Ojai Hall. Refreshments are provided thanks to the generosity of the Mathematics Program.

For more information visit:

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